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Canning Tools
Quality Canning Tools for home canning. Make you next home canning project easy and safer with our line of canning tools.
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Jar Wrench
Jar Wrench
Cushion coated to improve gripping power and reduce breakage. Heat resistant handles are ideal for tightening hot jars just out of the canner.
Easy grip coated handles
For both large & small jars
10 5/8" in length
1 lbs
Jar Lifter
Jar Lifter
Cushion coated to provide a sure grip on jars. Reduces breakage. Specially designed contours let you easily pick up both upright jars and jars on their side. Heavy duty plated steel wire tongs are specially designed for removing any size jar from boiling water.
Cushion coated, sure grip tongs
Stay cool handles
8 3/4" in length
1 lbs
Canning Tongs
Canning Tongs
Easily lift hot jars and keep sterilized canning components sanitary before/during and after use. Heat-resistant handle grips protect hands from heat. Durable metal construction. Dishwasher safe.
12" in length
0.5 lbs
Canning Funnel
Canning Funnel
Wide mouth, vented design for fast flow. Durable plastic. Dishwasher safe. Fast, steady pouring. Seamless, easy to clean.
Constructed of durable plastic
4 3/4" large mouth diameter
6" in length
1 lbs
Stainless Steel Canning Funnel
Stainless Steel Canning Funnel
Scratch and stain resistant, will not dent or pit like aluminum funnels.
5 3/4" diameter top
2 1/4" diameter mouth
0.5 lbs
Lid Wand Lid Wand
The easiest way to remove canning lids from hot water. Picks up lids from hot water without scratching the coated surface. Keeps lids from being contaminated by handling with fingers. Long-life magnetic tip and heat-resistant plastic handle.
Long life carbon magnet tip
0.5 lbs
Bubble Freer Spatula Bubble Freer Spatula
The safest way to remove air bubbles from your home canning jars. Save jars from damage caused by tapping bottom or sides with a knife. Specially designed home canning spatula helps you remove air bubbles with easy visibility. Clear, heat-resistant plastic prevents scratches to your jars.
Clear, heat-resistant plastic
0.5 lbs
Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel
The stainless steel kitchen funnel is ideal for filling long or narrow bottles and jars. Made with durable stainless steel that's dishwasher safe. Scratch, dent and stain resistant.
4 7/8" diameter
4 7/8" tall
2 1/8" inches long stem
Detachable Strainer: 1 3/4" inches diameter, 2" tall with 1/16" diameter holes
0.5 lbs
Norpro 605 Canning Lid Rack Norpro 605 Canning Lid Rack
A practical tool for canning. Lids won't stick together. Specially designed to lower canning lids into boiling water and remove them safely and easily. Unique design allows water to circulate freely around lids and keeps hands away from heat. Wooden handle stays cool. Holds 12 canning lids of any size.
9.75" Tall
1 lbs
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