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Jar Lifter

Jar Lifter
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Item Number: A36781

Featuring a cushion-coated surface, this jar lifter ensures a firm and secure grip on jars, significantly reducing the risk of breakage and spills during handling. Its specially contoured design allows for effortless pickup of both upright jars and those lying on their sides, providing versatility and convenience for various canning needs. Crafted from heavy-duty plated steel wire tongs, this lifter is specifically engineered to effortlessly lift jars of any size from boiling water, guaranteeing precise control and minimizing the likelihood of accidents. Moreover, equipped with stay-cool handles, you can confidently handle hot jars without the fear of burns, making the canning process a breeze. Upgrade your canning toolkit today with our Jar Lifter and experience unparalleled safety, convenience, and reliability in every preservation project.
8 3/4" in length
Color may vary

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