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Bubble Freer Spatula

Bubble Freer Spatula
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Item Number: Opcb10300

For anyone diving into the world of home canning, the Bubble Freer Spatula emerges as an indispensable tool for preserving your goods safely and effectively. Gone are the days of risking damage to your canning jars by tapping them with knives. This specially designed spatula offers a much safer alternative, ensuring that your jars remain intact and free from any unnecessary harm. Engineered with the needs of home canners in mind, this spatula is crafted to make the process of removing air bubbles a breeze, all while providing clear visibility every step of the way. Constructed from durable and heat-resistant plastic, it not only helps with the elimination of air bubbles but also protects your jars from unsightly scratches, ensuring that they remain in excellent condition for storing your delicious homemade treats. With the Bubble Freer Spatula in your canning tool collection, you can confidently enjoy your canning work, knowing that each jar is sealed with care and maintained for long-lasting enjoyment.
8 3/4" long
1 1/4" wide
Color may vary

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