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Wire Canning Racks

Wire Canning Racks
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11 1/2Qt. Wire Canning Rack

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Item Number: Opc0714

21Qt. Wire Canning Rack

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Item Number: Opc0715

Crafted from durable galvanized steel, these wire canning racks provide a stable and secure platform for jars during the water bath canning process. Their design allows for optimal heat circulation, ensuring that jars are evenly heated, which is essential for proper preservation. Available in two sizes to accommodate different canner dimensions and jar quantities, wire canning racks offer versatility and convenience. These racks are compatible with most water bath canners but we recommend checking the measurements.
11 1/2Qt. rack measures - 10.125 x 10.125 x 13" and holds seven 1 pint jars
21Qt. rack measures - 12.125 x 12.125 x 10.25" and holds seven 1 quart jars
Measurements are given in Length x Width x Height.

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