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Superb Regular Mouth Quart Jars

Superb Regular Mouth Quart Jars
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Item Number: Orh90326

Whether you're engaging in pressure canning, water bath canning, or simply storing dry goods, rest assured these jars are more than capable. Accompanied by a convenient canning jar storage box, organizing your preserved foods becomes a breeze. Designed to be stackable and space-efficient, it offers a practical solution for maintaining pantry order. The package also includes twelve regular mouth glass jar lids with bands, seamlessly compatible with esteemed brands like Ball, Kerr, and Golden Harvest. Thanks to the patent-pending lid and band storage tray, concerns about damage during storage become a thing of the past. But wait, there's more! The set incorporates an innovative jar drying rack ingeniously nestled in the box's bottom. This thoughtful addition ensures your jars remain upright and secure while drying after washing, safeguarding your investment and promoting kitchen efficiency. When comparing Superb Regular Mouth Quart Jars to other leading brands, one immediately notices their exceptional clarity. Unlike many competitors, these jars flaunt a flawlessly smooth surface devoid of any etching or imperfections. However, their excellence transcends aesthetics; these jars are engineered to endure. With high thermal shock endurance and an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, they're primed to withstand the demands of canning and storage. Moreover, their precise construction guarantees longevity with proper care, promising years of dependable service. 12 regular mouth quart canning jars (32 oz). Made in the USA!

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