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Superb Lids Wide Mouth

Superb Lids Wide Mouth
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Item Number: Opc90301

This 12 Pack of Superb Canning Lids in wide mouth are proudly made in the USA. These lids are built to be the new best canning lid on the market today. The blue seal is rigoursly tested and freatures a thick five layers of protection, ensuring a rust-free, tight seal with excellent resistance to corrosion. They are BPA-free and FDA-compliant, guaranteeing that no contaminants will leach into your food.<br><br>Discover these multi-purpose canning lids designed for safety and reliability. Superb Lids are suitable for pressure canning, water bath canning, and regular storage. Featuring thicker seals, they guarantee a more dependable closure with each use. Our engineering expertise and precise manufacturing ensure that Superb Lids create a leak-free vacuum seal when applied correctly.
You'll notice the wider outer ring, which ensures the seal securely covers the entire jar lip, providing added reassurance. Make your canning experience stress-free with Superb Canning Lids.
. Need Regular Mouth Canning Lids? Click here. When putting canning lids onto jars, the screw band should be tightened just to fingertip tight.

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