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Superb Canning Lids Regular Mouth

Superb Canning Lids Regular Mouth
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Item Number: Opc90296

You can't go wrong with this 60 pack of bulk Superb regular mouth canning lids. Experience the joy of canning without the worry of inferior jar lids with Superb Canning Lids. Designed and manufactured in the USA by a family with over five generations of canning expertise, these lids offer exceptional quality and performance.
Each lid features five layers of corrosion protection, including BPA-free coatings and a steel core, ensuring a reliable seal that keeps your food fresh and safe. You'll never open a jar to find rust or compromised contents again.
Superb Canning Lids are not only BPA-free and FDA compliant but also versatile for various canning methods, from pressure canning to water bath canning and simple food storage. The thicker rubber ring provides a definitive seal, confirmed by the satisfying Inchpopping Inch sound upon closure.
An extra-wide rubber ring accommodates a range of jar sizes, from antique to modern quart and pint jars. Plus, these lids have undergone rigorous testing by both internal and third-party labs, giving you peace of mind during your canning process.
Superb Sealing Solutions emerged from a necessity in 2020 when quality canning jar lids were scarce. Inspired by a request from an Amish community facing a lid shortage, an automotive manufacturer applied their expertise in rubber quality and seal integrity to create these superior lids.
Now, you can enjoy the process of canning—without the stress. Superb Canning Lids deliver unmatched reliability, ensuring your family's food stays fresh and safe with every jar you seal. Need Wide Mouth Canning Lids? Click here. Check out our entire Cannning Supply Section here.

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