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Mrs Wages Dill Pickle Mix

Mrs Wages Dill Pickle Mix
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Item Number: OpcW621

For those craving the ultimate blend of pickling spices that deliver the satisfying crunch you crave! Ideal for enhancing burgers, elevating fried pickles, complementing your favorite BBQ fare, or simply enjoying as a standalone snack! Each pouch yields 7 quarts of impeccably crisp pickles. Prior to embarking on any canning endeavor, ensure you acquaint yourself with the procedure, necessary equipment, and ingredients. Our quick-process recipes utilize the boiling water bath method. These delectable pickles are ready to savor just 24 hours after preparation.
6.5 Oz package
Yield: 7 quarts
Ingredients: Salt, Maltodextrin, Spice Extractives (Includes Turmeric Extract), Citric Acid
Please note: Mrs Wages Quick Process Mixes require a water bath canning method.

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