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Heat Resistant Autoclave Glove

Heat Resistant Autoclave Glove
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Things to know before you purchase your new All American Sterilizer.

Protect your hand when releasing steam from your All American sterilizer with this heat resistant mitt that will protect you up to 600 0 F. Convenient silicone loop and embedded magnet make it easy to store your glove at an arms reach.

The Heat Resistant Autoclave Glove features:
  • Heat resistant up to 600° F
  • Silicone surface is stain and steam resistant
  • Soft fabric liner for comfort and insulation
  • Grooved silicone surface for non-slip grip
  • Easy Storage with embedded magnet and silicone loop
  • Machine washable
  • 13" length for extra protection

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Things to know before you purchase your new All American Sterilizer

Returned sterilizers must be in new unused condition, will be charged a 20% restocking fee and shipping cost is non-refundable.

Sterilizers cannot be shipped to Canada as we do not have the CSA certification for Canada.

All American Electric Sterilizers are available in both 120V & 240V models, and will operate on either 50Hz or 60Hz. All models include a 3-wire grounded cord and plug for safety.
An optional support base elevates the sterilizer above the table or counter surface to prevent heat damage.
If you are looking for All American Sterilizer Parts Parts click here.

***240V Sterilizers are not meant for use in the USA or Canada***

If you are planning to use in the USA or Canada you should purchase a 120V Sterilizer

Attention Buyers: These items are sterilizers, not canners. They are not suitable for use as canners.

**Sterilizer period begins when the pressure steam gauge needle register in the green sterilization band shown of the face of the gauge and a minimum of 17psi has been reached. The time required before this period for the sterilizer to heat will vary depending on the size of the sterilizer and the temperature of the water used.

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