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Wood Corn Cutter

Wood Corn Cutter
The Wood Corn Cutter features:
  • Fits all size ears
  • 17 1/2" long and 2 1/8" wide
  • Groove 1 3/16" wide by 1/4" deep

Lee's "Triple Action" Wood Corn Cutter and Creamer cuts, shreds and scrapes grains of corn off ears 10 times faster at one-fourth the amount of labor! Cuts smoothly, uniformly and evenly without mess or splatter.

To use:
Just lay the cutter over a pan with the long end against a wall or backstop, place ear of corn with small end forward and push against the cutter blade with one quick motion.
For cream style corn just lower the blade to barely clip off the top end of the grain leaving the shredder on. Set the scraper high enough to scrape milk from the cob skin.
For whole kernels raise the blade to desired height for your variety of corn, the proper adjustment will cut grain right off the cob uniformly.

Wood Corn Cutter
Item Number: A28163
Price: $9.49
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
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Parts are adjustable for different style cutting:
For Uniform Whole Grains: raise blade, remove shredder and lower scraper.
For Cream Style Corn: lower blade which clips the ends of grains while the shredder splits them and the scraper removes the juice, leaving the tough husks on the cob.
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Torri Held
This crazy 56 year-old geography teacher in Memphis, Tennessee believed he can change the energy world... and somehow he did it.

Never again pay a single cent to the big energy moguls with this simple, yet efficient "gizmo"... and be among the select 2% of the population that has already stepped into the new free energy era.

TV reporters are trying to find outmore details about it, but few know about this video::
Posted at 12:02:am 12/21/18
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The best way to cut corn, fast. Excellent cutter. Long lasting.
Posted at 10:58:pm 08/04/13
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Wood Corn Cutter