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All American Pressure Canner 941
41 Quart

(9 reviews)
The All American line of pressure canners offers the best and safest method for home canning. The U.S.D.A. recommends that pressure canning is the only way to can meat, fish, poultry and all vegetables. This unit has the capacity needed for preparing large quantities of food and pressure cooking inexpensive meat cuts to juicy tenderness in a short time. Only All American Pressure Canners feature an exclusive, precision machined "Metal-to-Metal" sealing system. Positive action clamping locks align the cover to the base forming a steam tight seal. Because no gasket is involved, the cover is always easily opened and closed.
The All American Pressure Canner 941 41 Quart features:
  • Professional quality, extra heavy duty cast aluminum construction throughout for fast & even heating
  • Stay-cool bakelite top handle
  • Geared steam gauge
  • Equipped with 2 automatic venting features which provide an extra margin of safety (the safety control valve & overpressure plug)
  • Pressure regulator weight with settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi
  • Smooth, easy to clean satin finish
  • Double thickness edges for additional protection on points of heaviest wear
All American Pressure Canner 941 41 Quart
Item Number: OpcAA941
Price: $389.99

Sales Tax Free*
(outside Virginia)
Shipping Weight: 40 lbs
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Includes cooking/canning rack and instruction & recipe book
Capacity - 41 1/2 Quarts (Liquid), 32 Pint Jars, 19 Quart Jars
Inside diameter - 15 1/4 inches
Inside Height - 14 1/4 inches
Overall Height - 19 inches
*Jar capacities are based on round regular mouth standard Mason jar sizes.
Made in the U.S.A.
1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Underwriters Laboratories Listed

Customer Reviews
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Need rack for Model 941
Julia Roque
Where can I buy the jar rack for the canner? I bought this canner at an Estate Sale and it doesn\'t have the canning rack inside it. Thank you for your help.
Posted at 2:31:pm 07/16/16
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Real time saver
Daryl Boroski
This is the first year of using the canner. Absolutely love it. My wife says its heavy but I don't mind. I purchased a camp chef single burner cook stove with legs makes loading and unloading easy.
Posted at 5:00:pm 08/09/15
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Serious canner
Chris Laylin Matthews
I have had this unit for just about 1 year and I absolutely love it! Makes short work of any large batch that I have. I have learned that if you stack your quart jars with the wording on the jars toward the outside of the canner you can easily get the 19 quarts in it! And if you use small mouth quart jars you will get 1 less than if you use wide mouth. Not sure why it's just the way it works. I have even gotten 20 in this bugger just because I wasn't counting the jars as I put them in. I had 2 canners going at one time and lost track of jars! One of the best investments I have ever made in any appliance. Seriously thinking about buying a second one! We do that much canning!
Posted at 10:40:pm 01/31/15
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I love my 941. The only issue that I have is that I don't understand how they get 32 pints or 19 quarts in it. I get 16 Q and 30 P
Posted at 10:15:am 10/09/14
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I was given an old 941 and used it right away, this is an awesome pressure canner! It needed some TLC but works fine. I went to home hardware today and bought some parts for it. It needed two wing nuts and bolts, a pressure safety plug and finally out of personal preference, I also picked up a weighted jiggler and vent stem to convert it from the petcock system. Thus far I have jarred 3 batches of salmon and sockeye in it. 2 sets of smoked spring salmon, twenty quarts per batch and 1 set of plain jarred sockeye with 36 pints to the batch. I did coat the sealing base with Vaseline and gave it a thorough cleaning. For all I was able to do with the 941, I would have had to do 3 batches to 1 in my 925 or my 22 quart presto. I am stoked! A 941! Awesome! Daniel
Posted at 9:17:pm 07/26/14
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Forty years old
I have had this model for over 40 years. And we have used it every year to do our canning. Makes short work out of doing 30 pints of salsa. I have never had to replace a part or do any kind of service in all that time. I adapted a turkey fryer burner unit fueled by propane to work as the heat source. I can out in the garage and keep the house cool in August.
Posted at 7:20:pm 07/25/14
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New owner
I\'ve had my 941 for about 2 years now, and I will say without a doubt, it is absolutely worth the money. The only thing in my kitchen made anywhere near as well is my set of Lodge cookware.

As others have said, be warned this thing is VERY heavy for the average person even when empty (my wife won\'t touch it). I ended up buying a large-format outdoor propane burner from a big-box store that puts it at the perfect height for use. Much better than it taking up 2/3rds of the rangetop and needing a stepstool to see down into it.

Considering how much it processes, taking the food outside to it is no big deal as a single batch (of whatever) can feed 20+ people with leftovers and our entire garden can be canned in one shot. I simply set up a portable table near it.
Posted at 6:20:am 07/04/14
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The Best I\'ve Ever Owned
This thing is BIG. But, if you do a lot of canning like I do, it\'s exactly what you need. I live in a rural area where it\'s not uncommon for neighbors to give me bushels of \"extra\" produce. Canning 32 pints at a time dramatically cuts down on the time to put up green beans, corn, tomatoes, etc. And, I make my own chicken stock. This thing is perfect for that job; from cooking the stock from scratch to canning it. One of it\'s best features is no rubber ring. Therefore no cracks in the ring, dried out rubber, or other problems. Just lightly oil the surface where the lid meets the pot, and you\'re good to go. This thing will pay for itself in 1 or 2 seasons. I\'ve had mine for 3 years, and as well built as it is, I plan on putting it in my last will and testament.
Posted at 2:42:pm 01/14/14
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Built like a tank
I've been using a 941 canner for a couple years now and it is amazing. The large capacity has allowed me to cut my several-day-harvest, food processing down to 1/3 of what it was taking me. I've processed a couple thousand jars through it and I haven't had a single problem with the canner itself. For some people that assist me, with harvest processing, find the canner to be pretty heavy even when empty. When used on a normal-height stove top they can't even see into it. I'm the only person that moves it around. Using it on a lower-height range top allows anyone to use it. It is what it is, BIG! I love it.
Posted at 9:56:am 11/19/13
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All American Pressure Canner 941 41 Quart