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All American Pressure Canner 925 25 Quart

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The All American line of pressure canners offers the best and safest method for home canning. The U.S.D.A. recommends that pressure canning is the only way to can meat, fish, poultry and all vegetables. This unit has the capacity needed for preparing large quantities of food and pressure cooking inexpensive meat cuts to juicy tenderness in a short time. Only All American Pressure Canners feature an exclusive, precision machined "Metal-to-Metal" sealing system. Positive action clamping locks align the cover to the base forming a steam tight seal. Because no gasket is involved, the cover is always easily opened and closed.
The All American Pressure Canner 925 25 Quart features:
  • Professional quality, extra heavy duty cast aluminum construction throughout for fast & even heating
  • Stay-cool bakelite top handle
  • Geared steam gauge
  • Equipped with 2 automatic venting features which provide an extra margin of safety (the safety control valve & overpressure plug)
  • Pressure regulator weight with settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi
  • Smooth, easy to clean satin finish
  • Double thickness edges for additional protection on points of heaviest wear
All American Pressure Canner 925 25 Quart
Item Number: OpcAA925
Price: $260.99

Sales Tax Free*
(outside Virginia)
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs
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Includes cooking/canning rack and instruction & recipe book
Capacity - 25 Quarts (Liquid), 19 Pint Jars, 7 Quart Jars
Inside diameter - 12 5/8 inches
Inside Height - 11 7/8 inches
Overall Height - 16 3/4 inches
*Jar capacities are based on round regular mouth standard Mason jar sizes.
Made in the U.S.A.
1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Underwriters Laboratories Listed

Customer Reviews
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68 pressure regulator weight
Roy McArthur
I have tip vent on my cooker and would like to instal a 68 pressure regulator. What do I need? xbhq
Posted at 9:07:pm 07/05/15
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A few questions:
With the use of a transducer plate I would like to use an induction burner. That said it needs to be a stand alone unit.
What is the weight of the canner?
What are the exterior dimensions of the canner?
Any advice on what size, model, etc of where to pick up the induction burner.
There is no way the 'side car' burner on our outdoor grill would handle the canner weight.
Thoughts please.
Posted at 7:43:am 04/15/15
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no. 65 control valve.
Mary Lou
I bought this canner #925 used. part of the control valve was missing. how can I get a replacement part for this canning cooker. I don't see that part in your list of parts. Is there a replacement part for it. I really want to use the canner. Thanks
Posted at 5:48:pm 08/16/14
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Thank you Daniel for your comment I didn\'t know you can replace the one part for the jiggler a million thank you I like the jiggles better.
Posted at 5:06:pm 03/28/14
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Excellent find
I love this canner, bought used but works like a charm. I changed out the pet cock for a jiggler. I've canned all sorts of things in it and it was a lot easier than I had anticipated. I was apprehensive at first because I'd never canned anything second canner is a 20 quart pesto and they say that these pressure canners work in exactly the same way, but my preference is my AA 925
Posted at 9:49:pm 03/25/14
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All American Pressure Canner 925 25 Quart